New Age / Spirit Shop

A shop spanning 220 m2, filled with all manner of curiosities and articles. The articles here come from all over the world, and find their origins in Christianity, Buddhism, Egypt, Toaism, China, Native American, Hinduism, African and others.
Other things in stock are Health tea, Organite, Quantum energy pendants, magnetic jewelry, oils, incense, candles, tarot, gypsy and angelic figurines, oracle cards, watches and more.

Specialties Bread shop / lunchroom 100% Natural & Bio

Handmade bread, we make everything fresh, coated sandwiches and vegetarian meals.
Consults - Readings

The things we do : Medium, Psychic, Palm Reading, Card Reading, Astrology, Pendulum, Numerology, Photo Reading, ...> What we provide : an answer to your questions, your way and your path in life, the purpose of your life, how to raise children, the cleansing of homes and spirits, learning how to use your strength in life, any and all kinds of relationships

Art  : Soul Painting

A Soul Painting is made by making contact with the soul of a person or a pet, living or deceased. Jacobus meditates on the soul, and by making contact, receives  images or colours which he can place on a canvas. Explanations, consults and readings are available to clarify these paintings.

Staying healthy with Bread & Tea

Our bodies and minds are put under continuous pressure due to the ever increasing pace and stress of our society. We shouldn't close our eyes and ears to this any longer.
Especially since our children are affected by this more than adults, considering their eating habits are worse than that of most adults. Nearly everything we eat or drink has artificial coloring, flavoring and toxins.  Our minds and bodies once had a self-healing power. Due to all these toxins, that ability has been strongly diminished. Especially since we do not take in enough natural building materials and positive energy. Jacobus has received a vision with the answer. Using a special blend of herbs, and a particular way to treat them. Using these, he has managed to brew a special, pure tea.

All the ingredients are 100% natural, designed to cleanse both body and mind. We even make bread using this special blend! Daily consumption builds and enhances your natural immune system, and with that, your ability to heal yourself. Whether you're healthy or sick, every person needs a boost to help cope with the sensitivity to illness or allergies.

Making the tea: Add boiling water to the herbal mix and leave to sit for at least 15 to 30 minutes. Enjoyable hot or cold. One dinner spoon for a pot, or a teaspoon for a big mug. We have many kinds of bread and sandwiches available that use the same herbs as the tea.
Anise, Star Anise, Mint, Fennel, Nettle, Marigolds, Juniper Berries, Lime blossom, Fireweed, Liquorice and Rose Hip.
The mix is treated with gemstones, but the treatment is largely kept secret.